The safety of our campers, camp families, and staff is our primary concern at Kids Inc Camp. We have specific rules and policies that secure your child’s safety during their time at Kids Inc.  Our safety policies must be adhered to by staff, parents, and campers at all times in order to ensure the health and safety of everyone at camp.


Only registered camp participants, staff, and registered guests will be permitted on camp property during camp hours. We ask parents to respect this policy.  We have many policies in place to keep everyone safe and healthy at Kids Inc Camp.  Please check out these highlights and read all of our Policies in the Parents Handbook prior to getting registered.  


Please review this information for your own knowledge and with your children and all members of your family/support system who will be encountering the camp and camp staff prior to signing-up for camp.  We count on every camp family to help us keep camp safe and fun. 

Please note:  Failure to adhere to our policies can lead to dismissal from camp. 

Campers who do not continue to attend due to non-compliance will have partial refund considered on a case by case basis.

All campers, and camper family members will treat one another and our staff with respect.

All campers and camp family members must respect the property of the park and of other campers and camper families. Camp families must also agree to respect speed limits, driving instructions, pick up and drop off times, and understand that rules administered by our staff are not negotiable.

If you encounter a staff member who is enforcing our rules and systems and would like to ask questions – we ask that you call our office or email us to discuss the matter with the owners of the camp.  Please note that our staff do not have the authority to create or change rules – they only enforce them.

We need to hear about any issues that come up while your child is at camp.  Teasing, and bullying behaviour will be investigated and you will be a part of the problem solving process with regards to this kind of issue.  We are not able to solve problems that we do not know about and ask for team work from camp families in this regard.  

Campers, and members of camper families will be asked to leave Kids Inc. Summer Camp if they use abusive language, or an abusive tone with campers or staff.

Campers, and members of camper families will be asked to leave Kids Inc. Summer Camp if they exhibit violent behavior with campers or staff. This includes verbal, physical, and emotional violence.

This also includes inappropriate communication with our staff about matters that are beyond their control and/or issues arising from the camp program. This includes e-mail communication, online posts and all other forms of communication that are negative in any way towards our staff, our services or our camp program.

We ask that all matters requiring our attention be brought to the camp owners attention.

Campers, and camper families will be asked to leave Kids Inc if a parent, sibling, or guardian is not behaving within our facility rules or behaving in keeping with our code of conduct. Mutual respect is very important to us at Kids Inc Camp – and it is important for you to note that no warnings will be issued in cases of blatant rule breaking behaviour.

There is no trespassing on the Kids Inc Camp property. We are happy to host Kids Inc Camp on this private property but failure to adhere to our no trespassing rules will render us unable to serve you. Please do not enter the property at a time when your child is not a registered participant.  This includes visits in order to ask for a tour.  We understand your desire to see our facility but are unable to tour new camp families at this time.  We have virtual tours here on our website and we will be doing some live zoom tours this June.  Email us at if you would like to organize a zoom tour where you will get to ask all of your questions and see the entire facility!  

We do not have an office where you can come to get registered, or meet with us in person. If your child is attending on any given week and you need to organize a meeting in person to discuss anything this can be done via email to but driving to the camp to meet with us unannounced will lead to disappointment as we are not able to do so.  We can also offer a zoom meeting or phone call to discuss any items that require conversation.  

Your issue is important to us and we do wish to resolve it with you so please email us to set up a time to discuss.

Please note – In cases where a camper or a camper family member has caused cancellation from our program we will provide a refund for remaining sessions whenever possible. Every effort will be made to get this mailed to you within 60 days of the end of the camp season in question.

Please note – As per the other items listed in our Code Of Conduct:  Any person exhibiting behaviour that in anyway compromises the safety, security, or health of themselves, a fellow camper, or staff member will be removed from the camp immediately. More information about the Campers Code of Conduct is available in the Parent’s Handbook. You can access the Parent’s Handbook on our Forms and a Documents Page of the web site.

Other safety concerns

Covid-19 has presented us all with an ever changing list of things that we have been asked to do to keep ourselves and one another safe.  This section will be updated anytime we get news or updates from our Public Health Unit.  UPDATE – JUNE 1 2022 – All Public Health measures have been lifted for day camps by Public Health Ontario, and Guelph Wellington Public Health.  Kids Inc Camp will continue to run in a safe and effective way that is slightly modified in order to keep all of our staff and campers safe and the following points posted here can provide you with some insight related to how we continue to address health and safety in this regard:

Contact Free Drop Off at Camp/Modified Drop Off at Bus:  Each day at camp you will stay in your car and participate in contact free drop off and pick up.  Details will be provided to you upon registration.  Bus drop off/pick up policies will be coming your way soon.

*  No masks are required at camp – however – masking is optional for staff and campers as per campers and camp families preference.   

*  High touch surface cleaning systems are in place to ensure the safety and health of our staff and participants

*  Each groups size has been considered to ensure the safest, and best camp experience possible for campers and staff.

 *  Staff will always be provided with full PPE in order to provide first aid, personal care or outbreak management care to your child while they are with us at camp.

*  Kids Inc Camp will have outbreak management protocols in place in order to address any and all contagious diseases as per Public Health.

Kids Inc. camp is a peanut-free environment. Please do not send your child with any peanuts or peanut products. If your child has peanuts or peanut products in his or her lunch or snacks he / she will be required to eat them in isolation from the rest of the children. There will be a call home in order to address our policy on this matter.

There are many other kind of allergies and we do understand that. We will do our best to work with you with regards to your campers allergies – however – please note that we are not able to guarantee that they will not come into contact with items that they may have a reaction to. You will need to send us all medications that can be used in the case of contact with an item that may cause a reaction.  Medications must be in their original packaging.  Please see the Parents Handbook for more information on allergies and medication.  

We will also require instructions and information that will require in some cases for us to give you a call prior to the camp season in order to be sure that we have all of the information that we need. If you feel that talking with us would be helpful and you have not heard from us yet – please do reach out to our registration office. Thank you.

Contact with items that your camper may be allergic to can happen via touch, air, injection (bee sting) and ingestion and therefore it can happen at any time. Please note that sending your child to a camp program where your camper will be in contact with other campers who may have had contact with items that you camper is allergic to can cause a reaction. It is best to educate your camper how they themselves can stay safe with regards to their allergy.

Please also note that there are times that contact with such items are out of our control. It is imperative that we are in communication with one another and on the same page when it comes to working together with regards to our campers who have allergies.

If you have questions about our policies with regards to allergies please contact us directly. Please fill in a medication form for all allergy medication that will be sent to camp for your camper. This form can be found in our Registration Package and/or in our Parent’s Handbook. You can get both of these documents on the Forms and Documents section of this website.

  • Our pool is staffed by more certified lifeguards than required by the Ontario Public Pool Regulations. All of our lifeguards are certified by the Canadian Lifesaving Society with their National Lifeguard Certificate, First Aid and CPR Certificates.
  • Junior General Campers will wear life jackets at all times while in the water, at the beach and on the pool deck.  (Junior Campers ability to use aquatic facilities might change due to Covid 19.  Please see the Junior Camp Program page)
  • General Campers and Junior General Campers entering Grade 2 and under in the September following the camp season in question will be in life jackets at all times. They will not take the swim test. There are no exceptions to this rule. We understand that there are some campers at this age who have taken swimming lessons and can swim well – but this policy is in place for the safety and fun of our youngest campers and will be in place for all campers at this age/grade level.  (Junior Campers ability to use aquatic facilities might change due to Covid 19.  Please see the Junior Camp Program page)
  • Life jackets will be provided for all campers that require one so please do not send life jackets or other personal flotation devices from home. This way we are not worried about how they work or if the item you send will work in the context of our program and facility.  If you would like to send your own lifejacket due to Covid19 please call or email to discuss.  
  • There is a mandatory swim test for all other campers who are going into Grade 3 + who wish to enter the pool without a life jacket. Swim “check” will be conducted strictly under the supervision of our life guarding staff. There is also a swim “check” for the pond. for swimmers of the appropriate age/grade who have passed the pool “check”.
  • All General Campers and LIT’s will get a swimming wristband. The colour will help us to see if they need a lifejacket (RED) – can use the pool without a lifejacket (YELLOW) or have passed the pond test and can swim in the pond as well as the pool (GREEN). Swim “checks” are only opened to campers of the appropriate age in any given area. The pond swim “check” is very challenging and parents should not be surprised if their camper does not pass. We wish to keep Kids Inc fun by putting safety first! Thank you in advance for your understanding.
  • Swimming wrist bands must be kept on your child’s wrist for the duration of the session. If their wrist band must be removed for some reason, please send your camper with a signed note explaining why it was removed. Please contact us if there are questions in regards to this matter.
  • More information about swim “check” is available in the Parent’s Handbook. You can access the Parent’s Handbook on the Forms and Documents Page of the web site.

Washroom breaks are conducted in groups with one or more Junior General Camp staff members present. The female washroom is always used for washroom and change room purposes for all Junior General Camp participants. A staff member will be present outside of the washroom stalls to make sure that everyone is alright and that proper hand washing takes place after washroom use.

Changing for swim time is done in a communal setting with all Junior General Campers male and female and our Female Camp Staff in the Female Change room. If your camper is more comfortable changing in a change room stall in a private setting they are welcome to do so – however – they will not be able to receive any assistance from our staff in the private area. If you have questions about this policy and how Junior General Camp Washroom and Changing will work please contact us. This way we are always in an area and in a setting with many care providers at all times. If you have questions about this please clarify prior to attending our program.  (Junior Campers ability to use aquatic facilities might change due to Covid 19.  Please see the Junior Camp Program page)

More information about washroom use is available in the Parent’s Handbook. You can access the Parent’s Handbook on the Forms and Documents Page of the website.

If your child has sustained an illness or injury at camp we will follow the appropriate course of action which may include:

  • A phone call to a parent at work during the day to report the incident.
  • A phone call home in the evening to report the incident.
  • A conversation upon pick-up of your child/children to report the incident.
  • Calling parent or emergency contact to pick up the child.
  • Providing First Aid or Aquatic Emergency Care treatment.
  • Calling EMS to transport the child to the appropriate health care facility. If this aspect of our protocol has been put into effect we will do our best to call you as promptly as possible to discuss the situation at hand – but – care of the child in question will take priority at the moment of the situation in question and this may delay or affect our ability to discuss the matter with you to some extent.

Please contact our office to discuss if you have any question about this. Thank you. For more information about our safety policies, please download the Parent’s Handbook. You can access the Parent’s Handbook on the Forms and Documents Page of the web site.

Early registration is recommended!