Car to Camp

During registration you will have been asked about your mode of transport for your campers.  If you select Car to Camp as your option you will be required to drive your camper/s to camp each day.  A specific 10 minute window of time will be alloted to you for both AM and PM and you will need to be in the driveway and follow our pick up and drop off procedures within that 10 minute window each day.  Your exact times and the specific procedures will be confirmed with you after registration has taken place.  

  Car to Camp options are as follows:

REGULAR HOURS CAR TO CAMP – Hours range from 8:00AM to 5:00PM and your specific 10 minute time block with be confirmed with you after you have registered – This options is included in the fees for our program.

FLEX HOURS ADD ON – Hours range from as early as 7:00AM to as late as 6:00PM – We will discuss your expected arrival time for AM and PM pick up and drop off after you have registered. This option has an additional fee of $50.00 PER WEEK PER CHILD

Please ensure that you select the transportation option that works best for your family upon registration.

Let’s review all of your potential transportation choices:

Regular Hours Car To/From Camp – Included in base fees 

Bus To/From Camp – Included in base fees

Flex Hours Car To/From Camp – $50.00 per week extra add on fee

After your online registration is complete our office will be in touch with you if you have booked for car to camp to book your car into our AM and PM time slot bookings for Drop off and Pick up.  These time blocks are 10 minute periods of time that are pre-booked in order to create an organized and calm pick up and drop off experience.  PLEASE NOTE – Speed limits, and safety and efficiency related instructions from our staff must be respected at all times.   

Car to Camp drop off and pick up is done in a way that keeps things moving as quickly as possible.  Please read the parents handbook for more information about the drop off and pick up rules, and policies.  Our staff will direct you in order to keep you and our campers and staff safe during this process.


  • There is no smoking/vaping on camp property, and that no pets may exit your car on camp property at any time.  
  • Always drive slowly as there are children moving in and around the pick up and drop off areas.   


Regular Hours – 8:00AM – 5:00PM – INCLUDED IN CAMP FEE

Flex Hours – 7:00AM – 6:00PM – $50.00 Per Child Per Week Extra 

CAMP PROGRAM HOURS – 9:00AM to 4:00PM Daily

Either one of these options are available to you upon booking in our online system.  You might also want to consider our bus service so please review the bus schedule prior to completing our online registration.

Please choose the option that is best for your family upon booking and if you are not sure what option is best please email us to discuss.

Please keep in mind that with our Car to Camp option, after you register you will need to select your 10 minute block of time for AM drop off and PM pick up for each week you are registered.

Please also note that we require a full list of any and all adults who might be picking up or dropping up for your camp family during your time with us.  We will be unable to release your campers to an unlisted adult and this can cause last minute problems at pick up time.  We encourage you to list any and all adults who might do pick up including neighbours, grandparents, friends parents, and any others who might need to be authorized at any point during the summer.  


Any drop off that happens after 9:15AM or prior to 3:45PM would be considered a late drop off or an early pick up/.  These situations can be arranged and managed without any problem with proper communication.  

Please read the following in order to understand our policies around this kind of arrangement. 

In the case of medical appointments, long weekend early pick up, sports, or other activities and special events you may want to organize a late AM drop off or early PM pick up for your camper. 

In this case you will email our office at
organize a time that suits you best and to confirm with us that we are able to accomodate.

We need to be provided with at least 24 hours notice in order to make this kind of arrangement happen unless of course there is an emergency of some sort that does not allow for advanced notice.  Even in the case of emergency we would ask for you to email us prior to arrival at the camp when possible.

PLEASE NOTE:  Driving at a very slow speed is very key when you are entering the program facility at a late or early time since children are at play.  If you happen to have an emergency and are not able to contact us to allow us to prepare for your arrival please always make sure that you are driving 20KM/H and very aware of your surroundings.  

If you do need to pre-organize this kids of early/late arrangement you will want to email us at
well in advance and wait for approval. 


Please read the parents handbook in full, in order to be sure that you are clear about our policies in this regard so that there is no confusion on the week or weeks that you are registered. Thank you!

Early registration is recommended!