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Applicants are welcome to send resumes and cover letters to us at admin@kidsinc.ca 

PLEASE NOTE – Applicants should contact us directly rather than having a family member or 3rd party reach out on their behalf.  

At Kids Inc Camp we hire for many positions for our camp each year.  Most of our jobs provide employment during the months of July and August with some pre-camp staff training at the end of June.  These are student, youth, and young adult jobs that provide a wonderful opportunity to work in a supportive environment with plenty of guidance along the way that will teach each person who works with us so many valuable employment skills that will be used in the future in many different professions.  

Here is an overview of the job titles you can apply for and who should consider applying for each based on age, experience, and more…

JUNIOR COUNSELLOR/ COUNSELLOR IN TRAINING – This role is for applicants who are 16 with no previous LIT training or camp/recreation experience or for 15 year old applicants who have attended camp, LIT, and/or had previous leadership training.  15 year olds who are on the path to becoming a lifeguard may also apply.  

REGULAR COUNSELLOR – This role is for applicants who are 16 and have lifeguard training or previous experience working in a camp or recreational setting and for all applicants of all previous experience levels who are 17+

SUPERVISOR ROLES – These are specialty job postings that are only posted on local job boards with the appropriate application guidelines when we are hiring for these specific  roles.  You can look on the Canada Job Board, Local Works and other online job boards to see if Kids Inc is hiring for Supervisors anytime.  At this time there are no jobs posted for these roles.

LIFEGUARDS, MAINTENANCE, and MORE – These are specialty job postings that are only posted on local job boards with the appropriate application guidelines when we are hiring for these specific  roles.  You can look on the Canada Job Board, Local Works and other online job boards to see if Kids Inc is hiring for Supervisors anytime.  At this time there are no jobs posted for these roles.

Please read the rest of this page to find out more about applying.

Please read the following to ensure that you have all the required information about the application process:

• Familiarize yourself with our company, our facility, and our programs. All of this information can be found on the website.

Ask yourself the following questions……

• Are you prepared to go through an extensive application process that involves homework, handing in assignments on time, and a very long full day at our interview process if you are asked to attend?
• Are you prepared to work outdoors for at least 8 hours each day that you are scheduled (rain or shine)?
• Are you willing to have a summer job that may include prep work?
• (Counselors) Are you prepared to work between 6 to 9 weeks full-time over the summer?
• (Jr Counselors) Are you prepared to work 4 to 6 weeks this summer?

If you would like to apply please follow the instructions listed…..

• Applicants should e-mail us their resume and cover letter between March 1 and May 1 2023.
• E-mail your resume in the form of a word document. Thank you!
• Send us a cover letter that tells us what position you are applying for. Are you applying as a Junior Counsellor or a Counsellor?
• You will need an e-mail address of your own to apply.
• All communication and contact with our office should be made by the person who wishes to obtain employment. Contact from anyone other than the applicant on behalf of the applicant is not permitted. Thank you.
• Applications will not be accepted from a parent, guardian, agency, friend, sibling or any other third party on behalf of the applicant.
• Once you have submitted your resume you will hear back from us if you are selected for an interview.
• No matter when you send your resume you will hear back from us if you are selected for an interview after May 15th. Please do not follow up with us prior to that time.
• Selected candidates will be given pre interview assignments to complete. They must be handed in to our office by the specified due date. Late assignments will not be accepted and the interview will not be granted.
• If you are asked to attend an interview, please note that it could be up to an 8 hour process that you will spend with us during the activity day.
This day will be held on a weekend in April or May. If you are not interested in attending an interview process of this length please do not apply. Thank you.
• Our interview process is very unique and you will get more information about the process if you are invited to the interview. You will need to be sure that you are comfortable with the interview process prior to committing to attend. Thank you.

Kids Inc Camp has a high rate of staff retention and therefore we do not hire a large amount of staff each year. We love to welcome new and
exciting staff members to our team! We are very careful in ensuring that all new members will complement our current staff team, and as such
our application and interview process is very challenging! We hope that you are up to the challenge!

Good luck!


All applicants are required to communicate with the camp office themselves. Please note that communication from anyone other than the applicant on behalf of the applicant with our office will be impactful to the application process.

Leadership, initiative, and communication are such keys to the jobs that you will be applying for at Kids Inc. and so we ask that you ensure that the application process and protocol are followed.

We do appreciate the fact that parents may have questions about their employment with Kids Inc. however we ask that you refrain from contacting us. Rather than this we encourage you as a parent to discuss the questions you may have with the applicant in your family.
Help them to know what questions are important to ask when job hunting and please let them communicate with us during the application process.

There are many online resources for first time job hunters or for anyone looking for a job. We encourage job seekers to learn a lot about the implications of taking on a job while they are in the process of looking for a job.

First Aid and CPR Certification, High Five Certification, and a Vulnerable Sector Criminal Record Check are all required prior to employment.

Kids Inc is an equal opportunity employer and we welcome all qualified applicants to apply including youth with disabilities, black and other racialized youth, indigenous youth and any and all other minority or under-repreented groups who wish to apply.  Kids Inc is committed to non-discrimination in our application process and in all of our hiring practices. 

Here are some great resources we have found that are specific to camp to check out:


Kids Inc Camp is committed to providing a fun, safe, and healthy working environment for all members of our staff team. 

We stay up to date with the Health and Safety guidelines that are given to us from the Ministry of Health and with all Workplace Health and Safety Guidelines.  

Please note the following:

-Applicants must pass all aspects of the application process and be able to provide references and meet all requirements listed in the job descriptions in order to become employed with Kids Inc. 

-We are not able to offer jobs to all applicants. 

-Successful applicants will be contacted as soon as we are able to provide a job offer. 

-You will get an email from our office to confirm if we have not been able to offer a job to you for the current season.  

-More information about the timeline of the application process will be provided to you once you have sent your resume and you have been invited to be a part of the process.  

-Once hired – Staff must be able to adhere to all policies listed in the Staff Policy Manual and must be open and enthusiastic about working with all campers, camp families and fellow staff as per our non-discrimination policies.

-Kids Inc is able to provide PPE if you would like to have it and/or if it is required for any aspect of the job you have been hired to perform.  Training for its proper use in order to ensure safety will be provided with regards to risk mitigation in the context of communicable diseases.

-It is important to note that working at Kids Inc. does involve interacting with our campers and members of our staff team on a daily basis and any and all interactions with other humans may involve some degree of risk with regards to contagious diseases and health related concerns.  This should be considered prior to applying.  

-You will be working in a facility that is outdoors and exposure to the weather is an aspect of this job that will be a daily concern.  Dressing for the weather is an expectation of this job and having an ability to remain calm in relation to a case that involves inclimate weather is also expected.   

-An ability to work in an outdoor setting that includes aquatic areas is also expected.  Although not all of our staff are expected to supervise as lifeguards when in an aquatic setting, basic swimming skills are required.  Please read more about this in our job descriptions.


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Early registration is recommended!