Forest School (Family Program, Grades 1-6)

Forest school at Kids Inc is a wonderful way to enhance your child’s education.  No matter if you are a home school family looking for fun days in a more structured setting, or a traditional school family who is looking for an outdoor school day that include plenty of hands on learning and fresh air….we have got you covered!

Who is this program for?

Kids Inc Forest School is set to begin September 2024!  We will have 2 programs at our Forest School so there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy!  

FAMILY FOREST SCHOOL – Mondays from 9:15AM to 12:15PM (Start Date September 16 2024) – we will be offering a half day Family Forest School for parents/caregivers and students of all ages on Mondays!  Our all ages program for parents/caregivers and students is most appropriate for young students, home school families who prefer this format, and campers who might require a little more assistance in order to thrive in our outdoor setting please email us for more information or to discuss your family’s interest at

FOREST SCHOOL – Wednesdays from 8:30AM to 3:30PM (Start Date September 18 2024) – we will be offering a full day Forest School for children in Grades 1-6.  Our inclusive atmosphere welcomes one and all no matter what other kinds of education the learner in your family may or may not be involved in.  Public school students, private school students, home school students and beyond are all welcome at Kids Inc forest school.    interest at

Both Kids Inc Forest School programs will be running in 2 semesters per school year.  Our fall semester will run from September to the end of November and our Spring semester will run from April to June.  

We provide a small ratio of care so that each student gets interaction with educators as needed throughout the day.  We also provide plenty of hands on fun and adventure, and a supportive environment with lots of practical learning opportunities that every student will enjoy.  Each day of our program will have a more structured lesson portion of the day followed by boundless opportunities for action and adventure where an emergent learning atmosphere will engage each and every participant in a way that speaks to what is inspiring to them.  Some of our learning will take place in project based, team work focused opportunities such as planting our own garden, creating our own shelters, and learning how to cook over an opened fire, while at other times we will focus on independent learning opportunities.  

We will have fun in the garden, mud kitchen, pond, forest, and and on the playground!  Learning opportunities are waiting to happen all day everyday at Kids Inc Forest School.  We find that kids are excited to learn when the classroom is specially provided by Mother Nature herself! 

What is this program about?

Imagine how much the Grade 1 to 6 learner in your family will look forward to Wednesdays once they are a part of the fun here at Kids Inc Forest School!  

Our program is inspired by some of the philosophies found in the educational methods of Montessori, Reggio, Waldorf, and classic Forest School and will include learning opportunities that touch on the Ontario curriculum.  We will also infuse music, story telling, wellness and self care, and foster an atmosphere that inspires social connection.  

Our Family Forest School will provide parents and caregivers along with the student/s in their family to attend together for a half day of learning, and fun!  There will be lots of songs, activities, and exploration included in this program and we will build a strong sense of community along the way! 

We will have fun in the garden, mud kitchen, pond, forest, and and on the playground!  Learning opportunities are waiting to happen all day everyday at Kids Inc Forest School.  We find that kids are excited to learn when the classroom is specially provided by Mother Nature herself!  

If these programs sounds interesting to you please email us to tell us you are interested at with the subject – FOREST SCHOOL!  


where is the program located?

We are located out in the beautiful country side in Erin ON. We are on 30 private acres. Our facility was built with children in mind. 

The camp facility will host Forest School and the location is 5567 4th Line in the Town of Erin. Please note that this is a private property and is not open to the public for tours. We take privacy, security and safety very seriously.  

REGISTERED FAMILIES ONLY – If you are ever entering the facility during program times please be sure to always drive slowly and email or call us prior to your arrival so that we can come and meet you in the parking lot.


TELL ME MORE ABOUT this program...


OUR VISION – The vision for the Kids Inc Camp Forest School Program is to bring all of the ideas, activities, programs, attitudes, staff atmospheres, and camp traditions of a typical overnight camp experience to school with us!  Of course we will exchange some of our recreational activity periods for learning adventures – but – a lot of what we love about camp will be at Forest School with us each day.  We have been saying it for years at the end of every summer – “don’t you wish camp could last all year?” and the answer from our campers has always been YES!!!!!  Now the world has caught up with our thinking and Forest Schools are growing and spreading a love for learning in the outdoors far and wide.  Join us as we here at Kids Inc explore the potential of how much fun we can have while learning in this beautiful 30 acre facility.  

OUR PRICES – TUITION FOR FOREST SCHOOL – Our Wednesday Students Only Forest School is $62.00 per day for the full day and our fall semester is 11 weeks.  The total for the fall semester is $682.00  Our Monday Family Forest School is a half day program and is $25.00 per 1/2 day and our fall semester is 10 weeks.  The total for the fall semester for that program is $250.00.  If price is a barrier to registration please reach out so that we can discuss your needs and come up with some funding ideas.

OUR DIRECTOR – Camp Director, Forest School Director, and Early Childhood Educator – Mary-Kay Amos has spent her time over the past number of years working to prepare for the addition of Forest School here at Kids Inc. and we could not be any more excited to launch this new offering at the Kids Inc Facility! for more information.

Forest School GEAR!

Participants will need to come ready for the weather and so we suggest that each child who is registered at forest school have their own bin of supplies here at the facility.  Here is a full list of what we suggest:

-Water Proof Boots – Hiking Socks (2 to 3 pairs) – Mud Pants

-Rain Jacket -Winter Jacket – An extra change of Clothes

-Long Johns – Mitts and Gloves (at least 2 pair) – Hats (at least 2)

-Sun Hat – Sun Glasses – Bug Protection (if you choose) – Sun Protection (if you choose)

Please note that we will have extra on hand and we also have a fund in place to help you to stock up with these items if you are in need.  Contact us for more info.

Early registration is recommended!