Leader in Training

LIT Camp is for age appropriate campers who wish to get on the right track for taking on leadership opportunities in the future. LIT Campers will also have a lot of fun with their peers at camp! This program also has add on and off site trip options.

Who is this program for?

Junior General Camp is suitable for campers who are finished JK and who are registering for either SK or Grade 1 in the fall. We have many 6 year old campers in our Junior General Camp even if they are moving into Grade 1 in the fall. 

Junior General Camp provides a smaller ratio of care, smooth transitions, a supportive environment with lots of TLC, assistance with the basics like swim changing, keeping track of belongings, and help with making connections with fellow campers. 

All campers who are entering SK will register for Junior General Camp upon registration. Campers who are entering Grade 1 will have the choice of Junior General Camp or General Camp.

The Kids Inc Leader In Training (LIT) program is for campers who are entering grade 8,9 or 10.  This program develops and enhances invaluable leadership skills for all participants. It has been crafted to provide and teach balance between responsibility and fun by giving teens the opportunity to learn new skills, while participating in recreational camp activities.

Our LIT program is tied into a similar activity schedule as our General Camp Program with the same kinds of activities on the agenda – however – there are also leadership based activities that will help to challenge each participant and teach them new skills.  Learning to move towards leadership is the goal in our LIT program and so these campers will be learning how to be the best role models they can be.  This kind of shift in thinking from a participant mind set to a leadership based thought process is integral to understanding the difference between being a leader/mentor/role model at camp vs being a participant. The shift in thinking, connection with staff, and feedback from staff and their LIT Supervisor is what helps them to grow as leaders.  The LIT program is also subject to the Covid cohorting regulations and therefore our LIT’s might not be able to provide direct leadership to other campers who are not in their LIT cohort.  This has been challenging for the LIT program over the past few seasons, but – we have still found ways to learn the skills required and mingle and help a little around camp when possible.  We suggest 2 or more weeks in the program since becoming confident and comfortable is a key to the benefits of the program really becoming a part of your LIT’s life.    

What is this program about?

The LIT program provides a safe recreational environment where campers can continue to enjoy the company of their peers, while learning to help out at camp, and learning a little about leadership, leadership skills, and maybe even getting a chance to instruct a game or 2 along the way! Our program provides a jumping off point for your camper to see if being a leader is something that they enjoy in a camp setting. It is not a class room course or an intensive leadership camp but rather this is a basic leadership program with opportunity for learning and plenty of room for FUN!

Participant enjoy interactions with their peers, having a great time, and pride in their accomplishments.

where is the program located?

We are located out in the beautiful country side in Erin ON. We are on 30 private acres. Our facility was built with our campers in mind. 

The camp location is 5567 4th Line in the Town of Erin. Please note that this is a private property and is not open to the public for tours. We take privacy, security and safety very seriously. Please do not enter the property during non-program times. 

REGISTERED FAMILIES ONLY – If you are entering the facility during program times please be sure to always drive slowly and email or call us prior to your arrival so that we can come and meet you in the parking lot.


Do you want to drive your camper to and from camp each day? If so our Car to Camp option is best for you! We have regular hours options and flex hours options available and you can carpool with other camp families if that makes things even easier for you! Learn more about our hours of operation for Car to Camp today!

Daily bus transportation is a part of the fun at Kids Inc Camp and it’s also very convenient for our camp parents!  We serve Georgetown, Erin, Caledon, Guelph, Eramosa, Rockwood, Acton, Milton, Orangeville, and surrounding areas.   There is no additional fee and our bus services are safe and well supervised.  Check out all of the camp bus transportation information today!  

is this program great for your camper?

Our Vision

The vision for the Kids Inc Camp LIT Program is to bring all of the ideas, activities, programs, attitudes, staff atmospheres, and camp traditions of a typical overnight camp experience into the day camp environment.  Leadership training is such a big part of what makes camp tick!  We would love to see your LIT grow into a leadership role at our camp or working with children in another setting.  Their path is up to them – but – let us help them to get on the right track. 

Here are some important points about the LIT Program.  Joining this program is a big decision and you might have even more questions.  If you do please visit our FAQ section specific to the LIT program or email us at registration@kidsinc.ca for more information.

  • LITs will have a group meeting each week to be sure that they understand the expectations of the program.
  • LITs will join in the General Camp program where they will have the chance to assist and observe our professional camp staff in action. (Covid policies might impact this aspect of the program)
  • LITs will help with crafts, games, and activities of all kinds. (Covid policies might impact this aspect of the program)
  • LITs will have a chance to have lots of fun with their peers each and every day!
  • LITs may be able to get up to 10 hours of volunteer time per week that could be used towards community hours for high school. This must be approved by the LITs school in advance of attendance. Paperwork must be brought to camp on the last day of the week for the LIT coordinator to sign.
  • Volunteer hours will only be given to LITs who have worked hard to earn them. These are not given to every person who attends.
  • LITs will participate in a meeting at the start of each new week of camp. This is a time for them to meet with the Leadership Director who will make sure that they understand their role at Kids Inc Camp, and have an opportunity to ask questions and provide and receive feedback.
  • LIT’s who are unable to behave within our code of conduct and within the context of the fact that this is a leadership based program will be asked to leave the program without refund. Please ensure that you only register campers who based upon experience are able to behave as good role models to younger children and who have an understanding and respect for our code of conduct.


Participants will need to purchase enough t-shirts that they are always in a clean LIT shirt while at camp.

up to a maximum of 5- shirts for the summer.

Each t-shirt is $20.00 + HST

LIT shirts are adult sizes and you will need to select the appropriate size when registering.

Participants must wear the LIT T-shirt and clean shorts or pants to camp every day.

If warm clothes are required we ask that you bring a solid colour sweatshirt or jacket.

Early registration is recommended!