Forms & Documents

Registration Begins on December 30 !

Our new registration process includes many of these forms that you will complete online upon registration. Printing and reading these hard copies is for your information.


You will be asked during the registration process to “click here” to agree with the contents of our Parents Handbook. Our Parents Handbook includes all of our policies and you should read it in full prior to checking to say that you agree with it.


During the registration you will be asked to e-sign waiver forms that are available in hard copy in the Parents Handbook, Registration Package, and as a stand alone document for you to review. Checking the box and e-signature of the document will complete registration.



Please fill in forms related to medication if you will be sending your child to camp with any kind of medication. This must be filled in online during your registration. We have also asked for a photo of your child to accompany these medication forms if their medical issue is potentially life threatening. If you are willing to send in a jpeg photo of the child who requires the medication you are listing on this form it would be very helpful to us. Thank you!


All other forms that are available her are here to help you. If you are not sure what a particular form is for or if it pertains to you please do contact us and we can help. We hope that our guides are helpful to you and that they in some cases can help you through some of the questions that you may have during and after the registration process.

The Following documents are mandatory reading prior to registering at Kids Inc. Camp

The Registration Guide includes many of the stand alone documents that are available on this page and it is best to print the whole guide rather than one document at a time. The stand alone documents are here for your use if you ever loose one of them at any point or need to print a new one at any point during the process.

Early registration is recommended!