If you register for the summer of 2022 you will get email updates every time we get any information that needs to be passed along to you from the Provence and our local health unit.  You will be “in the know” as soon as we can pass relevant information along to you!  If you are not yet booked – and considering booking – please check our website for updates every month from April to the end of June as we are awaiting the latest information from the Province of Ontario and our local health unit with regards to any changes in how we will need to run the program for 2022.  At this time we are planning as per the policies and systems that were put in place as of March 1 2022.  Updates will be made as required once we get more information if any changes come our way.  Thank you so much for understanding that we are only able to plan based upon the information that has been provided to us at any given time.  

YES – we are running buses for 2022.  Changes have been made to our bus schedule so please ensure that you check our bus route document on the Forms and Documents page of the web site for 2022.   At this time masks are listed as mandatory on our buses and proper bus buddies will be made for seating as per the documents provided to us on March 1 2022.  If we get updated from provincial health table between now and the start of the program we will keep you posted.  

At this point we will be offering the following:

General Camp 

LIT Camp – Modified to be run in a cohorted way

Junior Camp – Modified program with no swimming in the Kids Inc Pool but some water based activities will be provided.  More information to come.

Pizza Lunch 

Bus Service – Modified and masked as per March 1 2022 regulations.  Updates will be provided if anything changes.

Some limited spaces for campers who require support will be available (proper communication with our office prior to April 15th required)  

No Specialty Camps are planned at this time.

No Off Site Trips are planned at this time.

No Additional Options such as Main Event, Rock Climbing, or Play with Clay are planned at this time.

No Full Week Catered Lunch will be offered again for 2022.

Please feel free to email us if you have ay questions.  

The regulations that we must follow in order to run our program during Covid-19 are the following:

As well as any guidance provided by our local health unit:


We sure can!

At this time the legislation tells us that we can open this summer.

At this time the legislation we are working with awas put out on March 1 2022.

At this time the legislation appears to be telling us that we will run in groups known as cohorts that will move from one activity area to the other without interaction between cohorts.  We will not have off site trips, special guests, or theme days since these items on the agenda do not work in the context of the regulations.  We will also not offer our catered lunch program and our LIT program will be modified to suit the regulations.  Our Junior Camp will run this year – however – there will not be any swimming for them in the Kids Inc pool – however – we are looking to get them cooled off with sprinklers, waterslides, water games, and maybe even some fun in the shallow area at the beach.  More information about this will be sent out to registered families.  

At this time we will still have a more limited number of campers who are able to register for the program.  We do not plan to add more spaces since we want to be sure that we run as per the criteria provided by Public Health. 

When you register for our program you agree to remain in compliance with any and all of our rules and regulations that are in place to keep our staff and campers safe.  Non compliance to our policies will unfortunately result in cancellation from the program will no refund. 

We are sorry to feel compelled to say this in such a direct way  – but our purpose in saying it clearly is in order to protect our staff and campers who are looking for a safe, healthy and fun place to spend time this summer.  We want Kids Inc Camp to be a place that is safe and supportive during these challenging times and to that end we are asking that only those who are willing to participate as such register at this time. 

Thank you so kindly.  

Please check out our FORMS AND DOCUMENTS PAGE for the Parents Handbook.

In the meantime here is a basic overview:

We are still dealing with the presence of Covid-19 and the related mandates and therefore we need to ensure that all camp families are aware of the restrictions we are dealing with.  The latest information from Public Health was provided to us on March 1 2022 and includes some policies and mandates that could change prior to the summer.  We will update you if anything changes.  As we all know at this point Covid and the related restrictions are very challenging and quite frankly not fun at all to deal with….but we must.  This situation has presented us all with an ever changing list of things that we must do to keep ourselves and one another safe.  This section will be updated when/if policies change as per our Public Health Unit.  The following points posted here are as per the time they were posted.

*  Daily Covid Screening:  Bus riders will be actively screened using the Kids Inc Daily Screening Email Tool.  Car to camp families will be expected to do the daily screening that the Government of Ontario has for attending school during the school year each day.  

*  Contact Free Drop Off At Camp:  Each day you will stay in your car and participate in contact free drop off and pick up.  Details will be provided to you upon registration.  

*Bus will require sign on and off from parents at each bus stop.  More details to come.  

*  Masking is listed as manditory in indoor spaces like our washroom and changeroom,  No masks are required outdoors hand washing, and sanitizing, will be required as per the Government of Ontario and our local Health Unit.  We will adhere to the policies provided to us at the time the program runs.  

*  High touch surface cleaning systems are in place to ensure the safety and health of our staff and participants

*  Each cohort will be required to stay distanced from other cohorts as per the guidance provided by the Government of Ontario and our local Health Unit at the time the program runs.

*  Each cohort will use the washroom/changeroom in a way that ensures they are distanced from other cohorts.

*  Staff who interact with more than one cohort will always ensure that they are in full PPE in order to provide first aid, medication, or any other personal care to your child that they might require while they are with us at camp.


We understand that these are still proving to be challenging times with regards to situations that can change so quickly that could impact your campers ability to attend our program.  We know that you also understand that Covid has presented small business owners with years worth of  mountains to climb and so we need to enter into the summer of 2022 with a mutual understanding of what registering with us means in the context of cancellations and refunds.  

We will only be able to provide any kind of refund as per our cancellation and refund policy.  

You can read our cancellation and refund policy in the Parents Handbook.  

Please read our cancellation and refund policies in the Parents Handbook and email us with any questions that you might have on this topic prior to registering. 

Thank you. 

Registration Questions

You are required to read our camp policies prior to registering your child for any of our programs. For more about our cancellation policy, code of conduct and please download the Parents Handbook from our Forms and Documents Page.

Yes – you can add and pay for anything you would like to add (as long as there is still space in that program or option) on your registration profile. Log in using the email and password that you entered upon registration. This must be done at least 1 week in advance, pending availability.

All campers must be signed in/out by a parent/guardian, unless written documentation has been given to the Kids Inc office in advance. Campers who sign themselves in/out of camp each day must be 10 years old.

This is allowed if they are listed as having permission to pick up the camper. If the adult is unlisted, we will not be able to release the child. Please send any changes well in advance to our office via e-mail.

You can transfer a registration only to a sibling camper that is on your family profile who is registered for the same camp program based upon age/grade. You will not be able to transfer any part of your registration to campers that are not sibling campers on your family profile and who are not eligible for the same program based upon age/grade. You may not add a camper onto your family profile who does not live in your household in order to transfer the program to them. The transfer is only possible under the strict guidelines provided here and in the Parents Handbook. Please call or email us to ensure that you and your situation will quallify.

YES – our program is 100% outdoors. We have sun and rain shelter but you must send your camper dressed for the weather as we will be out in it. Singing in the rain, jumping in puddles, and getting our hands and feet in the sand, and mud are our specialties!

Junior General Camp Grades sk & grade 1

If your child and the friend they wish to be with are both in the 5 year-old category they will be in the same group. Our Junior Camp program is small and all of the campers are together at all times. They may sit at separate tables for snacks and lunches as these groupings are done in a way that is very specific to the care of the children – however – they will be in the same camp and enjoying the same program with all of the other 5 year olds.

If the friend is 6 years of age or older they will not have the option of being in the same group.

All children are going into SK and Grade 1 will be registered for the Junior Camp Program.  Our Junior General Camp program has been designed for this age group and we are passionate about creating a fun, safe, and supportive camp for them to attend!  

There is one case that might render it possible for your camper who is entering Grade 1 to be in General Camp.  The case that would warrant this decision would be if you are building your own Cohort of 10 campers and one or more of them are entering Grade 1.  In this case please email us at  Other than this scenario we are unable to have campers entering Grade 1 in September attend our General Camp.  They must be registered for Junior General Camp.  

(Changes have been made due to Covid-19 – Junior General Camp will not swim during their program for the summer of 2021) All of our Junior General Campers wear Life jackets at all times. Life jackets will be provided and so we ask that you do not send your camper with floatation devices from home. Our pool is staffed by more Certified Lifeguards than required by Ontario Public Pool Regulations. All of our Lifeguards are Certified by the Canadian Lifesaving Society with their National Lifeguard Certificate, First Aid, and CPR Certificates. The staff of the Junior Camp program will be in the pool with them, and they will be confined to a small area of the pool where they can splash, jump, play, and swim together.

To read more about pool safety CLICK HERE.

Washroom breaks are conducted in groups with two or more Junior Camp staff members present. The female washroom is always used for washroom and change room purposes for all Junior Camp participants. The staff will be present outside of the washroom stalls to make sure that everyone is safe and that proper hand washing takes place after washroom use. We also have composting toilets and outhouses that can be used in areas of the facility that are not close to the main washroom. When Junior Campers are using this area as a change room for swim time it is used in a communal way so that we can help all of our campers with getting ready for swim and for the rest of the day most effectively.  We suggest that you send your camper dressed in their swim gear under their clothing so that we only have to help them change back into their clothing after swim time has been completed.

If your child has an accident once in a while, please be clear with this information and provide an extra change of clothes just in case. In the case of accidents happening on a frequent basis, we may be required to discuss alternative child care options if this is an issue that affects our level of care to the other children in the group.  If you have a child who is having accidents and you are not sure if they qualify for the program or if the issue is related to a medical diagnosis that you wish to discuss please email us at

General camp grades 2 to 8

There is one case that might render it possible for your camper who is entering Grade 1 to be in General Camp.  The case that would warrant this decision would be if you are building your own Cohort of 10 campers and one or more of them are entering Grade 1.  In this case please email us at  Other than this scenario we are unable to have campers entering Grade 1 in September attend our General Camp.  They must be registered for Junior General Camp.  

No need to worry! Kids Inc has a number of senior campers who attend each year. Our senior campers have a great time and enjoy all of the choices we offer! Many senior campers look forward to becoming LITs (Leaders In Training) in the future.

Kids Inc does not offer swimming lessons at this time, however your child will have at least one chance each day to enjoy recreational time in the pool. We also have a pond that campers can swim in and participate in other water activities in if they are 8 years of age or older.

If you are building your own Cohort of 10 the answer is YES!

In most other cases the answer is yes. If the age difference is not unreasonable between the friend or sibling, we are able to put the children in the same group. If you have children that you wish to be in separate groups, please let that request be known upon registration. Please read the Parent’s Handbook to understand the buddy request process and rules. There are some situations that we will not be able to help you with so reading our policies will help in understanding what we can and cannot do for you in this regard. If a buddy request has not been made, there will be time for switches on Monday mornings as long as the campers are of a similar age. There are no buddy requests for Theme Day Fridays as the teams are already balanced.


Yes – LIT’s during Covid-19 are always together and able to be with others their own age.  They will continue to have leadership opportunities – however – these opportunities to help our younger campers will be different due to Cohort mixing restrictions.  We feel strongly that the LIT program can and will still provide the opportunity for leadership development.

We will only allow campers who are entering the appropriate grades to be registered for the LIT program.

All of the staff will help the LITs become an important part of their group and to become involved with helping during activities. We also want the LITs to take the initiative to ask questions and ask how they can be of assistance as the week goes on.

No. The staff will always be responsible for the group of children and the LIT within the group.

The LITs choose what activities they would like to attend throughout the day. They may opt to be participants or helpers during this time. There are some activities that are specifically for LITs to get to know one another and have fun together. Leisure time will also be available for LITs during free swim and during free time after snack and lunch.

There is a lost and found bin at camp that should be checked first. If the item is not found, please email that week with a specific description of the item.

Early pickup needs to be done by 3:30pm. If known in advance, please contact the office For an unexpected pick up, please contact the number on the gate upon arrival and someone will let you in.

Our FACILITY page of this web site has plenty of information about our camp facility.  Please check it out today and learn all about our facility!

Some campers who are going into grades 8, 9 , and 10 are not sure that they will enjoy the LIT program.  If you think your child is better suited for the General Camp program, please call us at the registration office. If the camper registered in the LIT program is deemed disruptive to their peers or the program, we will ask that you find an alternate program for them.

Bus Camper Questions (Please note bus may not be available for 2021. check the bus service page for more info)

Please see our BUS INFORMATION page of the website to get the information you require.

Any camper who wishes to walk home from the bus stop without supervision must be communicated to the Kids Inc office in advance. Campers who will be walking to or from the bus without a parent must be 10 years or older, or have a sibling that is 10 years or older who can sign them in/out.
No, all campers must be signed in/out of the bus by a parent/guardian, unless written documentation has been given to the Kids Inc office in advance.
If you are late to drop off your camper for the bus you must head to the next bus stop or you are responsible for driving your camper to camp. If you are late picking up your camper from the bus stop the camper will continue to move through the stops and will be held at the final stop, where you are to pick your camper up. The bus will only wait for 2 minutes past the scheduled stop time in both the morning and afternoon.


Early registration is recommended!