You must start the application process for a support worker no later that March 1st of the camp year that you wish to register your child for. If we do not get your request prior to March 1st we will have to wait until the following camp year to consider your registration.

Simply registering and denoting that a support worker is needed on your registration is not enough to get the ball rolling. You must email us at to communicate interest in accessing support for your camper.

If you have missed the deadline for this year please mark your calendar for next year so that you can apply on time. Thank you!

Here are some reasons that you may wish to consider a support worker:


This process is in place in order to ensure the safety and well being of your child. We thank you in advance for following all the above mentioned instructions in order to secure proper support for your child.

Some cases may not be suitable for Kids Inc Camp. We will discuss your unique situation with you to be sure that we are the right camp for your camper. If we are not we can make suggestions and give you contact information for specialty programs.

Early registration is recommended!

This is a full day, outdoor, very active program. Campers may only be registered if they have completed JK. Campers must be entering SK or Grade 1 to qualify for this program. Please contact us for more information if you have questions about this point.