Kids Inc Camp

Bus Service


If you need the longest day of care possible for your camper/s please choose Stop #1 of the bus route in your area. Please visit your local bus route info listed here on this page of the web site OR in the Registration Guide to find the times for Stop #1 of the route in your area for time and location details. This stop is also the most consistent with regards to our ability to stick to the scheduled times that are listed.

Our bus schedule is a guide line and an estimate with regards to what time we will be at your scheduled stop. It is our goal to be at your stop as close to the scheduled time as possible – however – with so many moving parts to all that affects our bus service we need to ask for your patience and understanding. This is especially true on Monday of each session. We also ask that you have your phone with you at all times so that if we do have an unexpected situation arise we are able to contact you quickly for the best result.

Please be at your scheduled stop on time – however – please be ready to wait at that stop for up to 15 minutes. Thank you in advance!


  1. You must choose your bus ROUTE and STOP NUMBER upon registration. You will only be able to select one ROUTE and STOP NUMBER per session.
  2. You must fill in your permitted adults for pick up and drip off authorization on your Household form during your registration. This area can also be a place to tell us that your campers may walk home if they are 10 years of age or older.
  3. Please permit 15 minutes buffer time after your scheduled bus time as our buses are subject to traffic and other situations that can get us off schedule. The only exception to this is stop #1 of any route. This stop has extra time built in in both the AM and the PM for your convenience. If you need a pick up and drop off times that you can count on please choose stop #1 of your route.
  4. Our bus will only wait 1 minute past the scheduled bus times prior to moving on to the next stop – therefore we suggest being at your stop prior to the scheduled time.
  5. Please do not try to deal with any administration or ask any questions of our bus staff. Please contact our office to deal with all of this. This will help us to keep our buses on time. Thank you!
  6. Speaking with our staff in any manor other than respectful will not be tolerated. Thank you.