Kids Inc Camp

Optional Add-on Programs


All of the Programs listed on this page are optional add on programs. You do not have to add these options onto your registration and we will not force campers who are registered for these programs to participate in them. It is best to only sign your child up for these options if they are passionate about participating in them. Refunds will not be provided for campers who have chosen not to participate. Each activity has it’s own price. Please read about each one to see if you are interested in adding these to your camper/s registration/s.

All of these optional add on programs take place at the Kids Inc Camp facility. There will be no need for campers to leave our campus to participate in any of these options.


The Main Event is full of exciting activities! Each week will feature a new adventure such as: bungee run, lightning ball, gladiator joust, the boxing ring and much more. All participants who are registered for General Camp and LIT Camp on the week/s that this program is offered will have the option to register during the registration process. If you have questions about this policy please call or e-mail to discuss. Thank you.

Eligibility: General Campers and LIT Campers may sign up for the Main Event.
When: This program runs Thursdays. If your child is a General Camper or an LIT Camper in the appropriate age/grade you will be given the option of registering in the Main Event during the registration process.
Where: The Main Event takes place at the Kids Inc Camp park.
Cost: The cost for the Main Event is $7.00/session + HST.


Please note: Registration is required for Play with Clay and that any campers who are not registered for Play with Clay will have plenty of other activity choices to participate in.

Kids Inc is happy to bring in a portable ceramic studio for our campers who are in our General Camp or LIT Camp Program. If you register your camper for Play with Clay they will participate in this activity during 1 activity period of the day on the Monday afternoon of the week you have registered them for. All other periods of the day will include the regular camp schedule. We wish to clarify that “Play with Clay” is the name of the studio that is providing us with this activity program option. This is not meant to infer that we will be working with raw clay……in fact we will be working with green ware clay that our campers will get to paint. After our campers paint the green ware “Play with Clay” will take it back to their studio in Guelph to be glazed and fired. Once that is complete it will be returned to camp for distribution. If your camper does not pick up their project or if anything causes a delay in getting the projects back – we will send finished products home on the camp bus at a later date for pick up. Email us for more information if you are interested.

Eligibility: General Campers and LIT Campers may register for Play with Clay.
When: This program is available every Monday on 5 day weeks and Tuesday on 4 day weeks.
Where: Play with Clay takes place during Activity Time on Camp property. Your camper will get their craft on the Friday of the week they made it. If they are not at camp to get it we will make every effort to get it back to you. If you have not gotten your Play with Clay please email us at registration@kidsinc.ca Thank you!
Cost: The cost for Play with Clay is $32.00/session + HST. If you wish that you child be able to participate in the Play with Clay Activity you must pay upon registration.

Check out Play with Clay’s web site here