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Camp To-Go

Welcome to Camp To Go! Camp To Go is a way to bring camp into your home during this unprecedented school closure. This program is all about helping kids to get into this new routine while - trying new things - having fun - and sinking their teeth into learning at home. Campers can be any age from Preschool age all the way up to Grade 8 to participate. Parents will be an integral part of this program too so....get ready to have FUN!

Our response to the Covid-19 Pandemic is to help in any way that we can – and we can help with CAMP TO GO! Kids Inc CAMP TO GO is a great way to help you and your kids to get through this challenging time.  We do this by providing fun, a little bit of structure to each day, events to look forward to, resources, and by providing online social interaction all the while.  We know that we can help kids to stay positive and stay connected while we do what is best for everyone’s health by not spending physical time together.  We hope that you feel that joining this at home camp program sounds like a helpful and fun thing to do in your household. We came up with this idea as our team here at Kids Inc Headquarters started to wonder if bringing our special magical campy feeling that we share at Kids Inc Camp each summer into your homes during this time of change and upheaval could be helpful. We feel strongly that campy, and fun activities infused into a structured daily schedule that includes blocks of time dedicated to allowing you and your campers to infuse just the right amount of at home learning based upon their age/grade level will create positive outcomes for our children.  We are here to help you to make magic happen in your own home with Camp To Go! By using the tools that we provide and adding your own infusion of enthusiasm, creativity and family spirit into the mix we are bound to have a whole lot of fun together! All you need in your home is a computer, a connection to the internet, willingness to join in the fun and a creative spirit. If you or your campers have never been to camp before this will be a unique way to get started!  If you or your campers have been to camp in the past we ask you to bring all of your camp spirit, and past camp experience and get ready to have some fun! No matter who you are….if you are ready to join in the fun grab your compass and sense of adventure and let’s go!

What Kind Of Activities Are At CAMP TO GO?

The coolest thing about camp to go is that we provide you with a schedule to follow for each day and for the week as a whole – however – you and your campers can take the parts of that schedule that work for you and engage in that part of the program. You can feel free and empowered to leave any part of our schedule that does not work for you and/or your camper/s and your situation behind.  There is no pressure to join into every aspect of the program. There are so many households with so many combinations of circumstances out there and we know that. Please know that it will be up to you to use the parts of the program you wish to bring to life in your own household. We will provide you with resources and options for each and every aspect of the daily/weekly program so that you have all of the tools that you need – but – you only need to tap into what suits you and your needs the best.  This will vary depending on your campers age/grade level and how many blocks of time each day you will be dedicating to your at home learning that will be coming your way from teachers soon if they have not been in touch with you already.  This program works perfectly in conjunction with your at home learning and in fact can really motivate your camper to get learning done so that they can get into the next block of FUN TIME! Here are some examples of what we have waiting for you at CAMP TO GO! Daily Bedroom Clean Up Challenge, Fun Program Block Ideas and Resources including crafts, science, games, activities, and more, Learning Program Block Ideas and Resources (of course you may already have lesson plans from your children/s teachers and you can use them here) , Daily Camper Challenges, Family Dinner Ideas, Evening Program Ideas, Mindfulness/Yoga Ideas and Resources and MORE! We will connect in a private Facebook group where we can share with one another, create a feeling of camp community, and allow our campers to see how camp is going in other households too!  We would love to see you tell others about this program so that your camper can connect with their friends and provide the social connection that they are missing out on so much in the next little while. We have already run this program for one week with great success and we are excited to run this program for the duration of the school closure. JOIN IN THE FUN for one or as many weeks as you like at Kids Inc CAMP TO GO!

Dates and Rates

The best news is that CAMP TO GO is $30.00 per week no matter how many campers are in your family. **If your family does not have access to $30.00 per week due to the situation we find ourselves in at this moment please do email us at registration@kidsinc.ca as we do hope to have some scholarship spots in the program to give away!

At this moment we are planning to run the following dates:

April 6 to 10

April 13 to 17

April 20 to 24

April 27 to May 1

May 4 to May 8

May 11 to May 15

More dates will be added if necessary and if all of these sessions are not required we will do refunds accordingly.



The programs that we are offering with CAMP TO GO are to be used in your home under the supervision of parents or guardians in the home. You are responsible for the safety of your own children and you are responsible for picking the parts of the program that suit your camper and their individual needs, grade levels, and abilities.

It is also important to note that you should modify all activities to suit the most current information from your local Public Health Department. If being outdoors is not an option in your area based upon the advice at the moment we must note that any outdoor activities that have been suggested are activities that we must forgo. This same logic and rationale will need to be used in all aspects of the program that we are providing.

We trust that every household will abide by local regulations while they participate.


If you would like more information please email us at registration@kidsinc.ca or call us at 519-855-6074.
If you just simply want to join now please REGISTER NOW.