Kids Inc Camp

Financial Support

Although we here at Kids Inc Camp do not have access to Regional Childcare Subsidy programs we do have some suggestions with regards to how you might be able to access financial support.

Here are our suggestions:
#1 – Jump Start Program – We have had families receive funding through the Jump Start Program at Canadian Tire.  If you would like more information check out this program and the information to see if it might work for you:
#2 – Your local school or even church community might be a good place to check in and see if there is a source of funding that they have themselves – or are aware of – and can help to connect you with.  In the past we have had local schools provide funding for campers in need.  We have also seen church groups that do not run their own camps help with fundraising for families who might have trouble affording camp.  These are not funding sources that we can help to connect you with but rather they are places you may not have known you could look that we wanted to tell you about.  This funding would be up to you to access.  
#3 – Guelph and Wellington County Camp Families – Please check into funding through the Children’s Foundation.  Here is a link to their page if you would like to see if this funding might work for you:  https://www.childrensfoundation.org/
#4 – Discounted Camp Sessions – Please note that Kids Inc Camp has a limited number of discounted camp sessions that we donate to local schools and local fundraising events each year.  There are times that these discounted sessions are not able to be used by the local schools that they have been gifted to.  If/when that is the case we might be able to pass that savings along to you.  These discounted sessions are very specific weeks and still involve a registration fee.  If you feel that you might be interested in one of these sessions please email us at registration@kidsinc.ca.  
#5 – If there is an extenuating situation that makes camp hard to fund you might be able to look into charities that speak to the situation you are dealing with in order to access funding.  This kind of funding might be able to be applied to one on one support if that is required for your camper as well.  We will give you some examples but welcome you to contact us to discuss things that we have seen work in the past.  
For example:
-Cancer related charities can be willing to fund camp for children who have parents who are dealing with a cancer related diagnosis.  
-Canadian Mental Health Association has a wealth of resources for families who have either parents or children dealing with mental health issues who could benefit from camp.  
-Children’s Aid or Family and Children’s Services have been very helpful agencies and we have a number of children who are subsidised through them to attend camp each year.  If you are currently working with them simply contact your caseworker.  If you are not working with them but feel that you might qualify please reach out to them directly.  
….and so on.  If there is an agency that we feel might be able to help to link you to some funding we would be happy to make suggestions to you so simply send us an email at registration@kidsinc.ca
In closing it is important to reiterate that we ourselves do not qualify for this funding – but rather it is you and your family/camper who would get the funding and be able to put it towards a camp like ours.  We are happy to help, connect you if we know of a connection, and walk you through what we know and have learned along the way but accessing the funding is up to you.  
Reach out to us to discuss this further or to ask us about one of our discounted weeks at registration@kidsinc.ca