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Employment Opportunities


Please e-mail us your resume and cover letter at admin@kidsinc.ca.
Please ensure that the applicant is the only person in contact with the office.
Please e-mail us directly from an e-mail address that we can contact you back at.


Please read the following to ensure that you have all the required information about the application process:

  • Familiarize yourself with our company, our facility, and our programs. All of this information can be found on the website.

Ask yourself the following questions……

  • Are you prepared to go through an extensive application process that involves homework, handing in assignments on time, and a very long full day at our interview process if you are asked to attend?
  • Are you prepared to work outdoors for at least 8 hours each day that you are scheduled (rain or shine)?
  • Are you willing to have a summer job that may include prep work on evenings and weekends?
  • (Counselors) Are you prepared to work between 6 to 9 weeks full-time over the summer?
  • (Jr Counselors) Are you prepared to work 5 to 8 weeks this summer?

If you would like to apply please follow the instructions listed…..

  • Applicants should e-mail us their resume and cover letter between Dec 15th and March 15th.
  • E-mail your resume in the form of a word document. Thank you!
  • Send us a cover letter that tells us what position you are applying for. Are you applying as a Junior Counsellor or a Counsellor?
  • You will need an e-mail address of your own to apply.
  • All communication and contact with our office should be made by the person who wishes to obtain employment. Contact from anyone other than the applicant on behalf of the applicant is not permitted. Thank you.
  • Applications will not be accepted from a parent, guardian, agency, friend, sibling or any other third party on behalf of the applicant.
  • Once you have submitted your resume you will hear back from us if you are selected for an interview.
  • No matter when you send your resume you will hear back from us if you are selected for an interview after March 15th. Please do not follow up with us prior to that time.
  • Selected candidates will be given pre interview assignments to complete. They must be handed in to our office by the specified due date. Late assignments will not be accepted and the interview will not be granted.
  • If you are asked to attend an interview, please note that it could be up to an 8 hour process that you will spend with us during the activity day. This day will be held on a weekend in April or May. If you are not interested in attending an interview process of this length please do not apply. Thank you.
  • Our interview process is very unique and you will get more information about the process if you are invited to the interview. You will need to be sure that you are comfortable with the interview process prior to committing to attend. Thank you.
Kids Inc Camp has a high rate of staff retention and therefore we do not hire a large amount of staff each year. We love to welcome new and exciting staff members to our team! We are very careful in ensuring that all new members will complement our current staff team, and as such our application and interview process is very challenging! We hope that you are up to the challenge!
Good luck!


  1. All applicants are required to communicate with the camp office themselves. Communication from anyone other than the applicant on behalf of the applicant with our office is not permitted. This is very important to us at Kids Inc Camp as the job requires self motivation and leadership skills.
  2. To apply as a Junior Counsellor you must be in your 15th year (you may be 15 at the time of employment or thereafter – but you must be 15 within the year of your employment – there are no exceptions to this – thank you) or 16 years of age if you have not attended a camp LIT/Leadership program and or if you have no previous experience working with children. No previous experience required to apply as a Junior Counsellor. You must indicate that you are applying as a Junior Counsellor on your cover letter or you will be considered to be applying as a Counsellor. Thank you.
  3. To apply as a Regular Counsellor you must be at least 16 year of age at the time of employment and have previous experience working with children, or be a certified lifeguard. If you are 16 and not sure if you should apply as a Junior or Regular Staff member based upon the information provided to you here please e-mail the office to discuss.
  4. All applicants 17 and over would apply as Regular Counsellors.
  5. You must have your CPR and First Aid as of July 1st. We require Emergency or Standard First Aid with CPR. No online certifications will be accepted. We prefer Lifesaving Society, St.John’s Ambulance, or Red Cross – others may be verified with our office upon hiring if you have any further questions. You must re-certify every 2 years while employed with us at Kids Inc Camp.
  6. You must provide Kids Inc Camp with 3 personal references.
  7. You must provide Kids Inc Camp with a criminal records check if you are 18 years of age or older.
  8. You must hand in all pre-interview questions and assignments on or before the due date. These will be e-mailed to you if you are accepted into the application process after we review your resume.
  9. You must attend 100% of our interview process.
  10. Regular Counselor candidates must have one or more of the following: previous camp experience, experience working with children in a recreational environment, or volunteer experience in child care or recreation.
  11. You must hold an NLS or Bronze Cross if you are applying for a job that includes lifeguarding. NLS Guards are hired far more often than any of our other positions and therefore if you have your NLS we very much look forward to hearing from you.
  12. LIT (Leader In Training) program experience is an asset, but not a requirement. (unless you are 15 and applying as a Junior Counselor)
  13. Enthusiasm and passion for working with children is a requirement!
  14. High Five, NCCP coaching, Community and School involvement, NLS and other aquatic certifications, Babysitting Courses, and other certifications that may be valuable for this kind of work environment are helpful. We encourage you to fill your resume with these kinds of experiences prior to submitting your resume to us.
  15. Many of our employees wish to become teachers. This kind of work environment can be very valuable for that kind of future goal. Letters of reference are provided to all Post Secondary Institutions upon successful completion of at least one summer of employment with us at Kids Inc Camp.

All Kids Inc Camp Staff members including Junior Counselors must be certified in CPR and First Aid by the time our program starts in July. If you wish to wait to take these certifications until you have been hired with us for the summer you are welcome to do that – however – preference is given to any applicants who already have this on their resume. Lifeguards are required to have NLS certification, and assistant guards must hold a Bronze Cross Certification. If you are hired we will discuss these items at the appropriate time.

We provide our staff with ongoing staff training, staff performance reviews, and daily interaction with the camp owners and managers who foster ongoing professional development each and every day. All staff training is a mandatory part of employment with Kids Inc, and must be attended 100% of the time!

  • Junior Counsellors will receive on the job training and on-going progress reports.


All applicants are required to communicate with the camp office themselves. Communication from anyone other than the applicant on behalf of the applicant with our office is not permitted.

This is such a key to applying for a job at Kids Inc. Please ensure that this communication protocol is followed.

We do appreciate the fact that parents may have questions about their family members potential employment with Kids Inc. however we ask that you refrain from contacting us. Rather than this we encourage you as a parent to discuss the questions you may have with the applicant in your family. Help them to know what questions are important to ask when job hunting and please let them take it from there.

There are many online resources for first time job hunters or for anyone looking for a job. We encourage job seekers to learn a lot about the implications of taking on a job while they are in the process of looking.

Here are some great resources we have found that are specific to camp to check out:





Kids Inc. changed my LIFE! I have never felt so welcome on any staff team as I did at Kids Inc. this summer! We’re one big family! The owners and managers are professional, yet fun-loving people who know how to run the show! I’ve never worked for such organized and enthusiastic people! Kids Inc. gave me amazing memories I will never forget, and there’s many more to come!

The three years I have worked for Kids Inc camp has given me the opportunity to be an impacting part of many children’s lives. Endlessly cheering, laughing and playing with children out in the sun. Who could possibly ask for a better summer job? Although I have always had the love for children with their burning desire for fun, Kids Inc has brought out the kid in me and has allowed me to be apart of this exciting time with them. As a child I was a camp kid too and it has shaped the person I am now; outgoing, fun and always ready, I wanted to give this back to as many campers as I could. I have learned that children can teach us so much about everything. Their ways of observing every word, their curiosity and unlimited source of energy have taught me to become a better leader, mentor and teacher in children’s lives. For the three years I have been a part of this amazing group of counselors. The bond that I have created with each of my co-workers as well as the camp owners and Managers is irreplaceable and unchanging. These are the people who will have a big spot in my heart; forever. I have had a wide range of part time jobs and I have worked with many different kinds of people but I have come to a conclusion that no matter how much or how little a job pays, nothing is more important than working for people who love what they do. Mary Kay and Jason have consistently surprised me with their organization, love for employees and management skills! This has positively affected my passion to work for them and bring nothing but the best to camp everyday. Not only has Kids Inc given me great friendships and relationships, it has also been one of the greatest learning experience of my life. As a young adult, looking to start my career as a elementary school teacher, I have been able to learn so many vital aspects of working with all different kinds of children. These experiences gained from Kids Inc could not be taught at a training session, teacher’s college or even an educational institute. The one-on-one, day to day situations that I have been able to manage and overcome have made confidant that I will one day be a great teacher; a big round of applause to Kids Inc! Kids Inc has really proven to me that a job is not a job worth keeping unless you love what you are doing. Even though it has come time for me to move on and tackle other great opportunities life has thrown at me such as teaching English in Korea, I do not hesitate one bit at the thought of returning to Canada in one year and coming straight back to Kids Inc because to me, Kids Inc Camp is home.

My name is Ryan Perera and I’ve been a qualified teacher for the past two years. I’d like to tell you the story of how I came to work at Kids Inc. Summer camp and how the experience has made me a better teacher. It was the spring of 2004 and I had just gotten word from the office where I worked that my services were no longer required. Since it was a boring job, there was no love lost, but the stark reality of paying tuition and accumulating experience for my inevitable teacher’s college application was rearing its ugly head before finals had even begun. Instead of finding another office job that would lend me no relevant work experience and likely give me more paper cuts than I’d prefer to have, I began to search for a summer camp to work at. Since I was already in my twenties a sleep-over camp was out of the question, and because I didn’t attend camp as a child I wanted a camp job that gave me the freedom to be an adult after hours… Enter Kids inc. I emailed a lady named Mary-Kay and got a warm and immediate response. Interviews were equally well organized and professional. The most striking thing about Mary-Kay and Jason (the camp owners and directors) was their passion; I had never worked for people who were so driven to actually bring some good to people. (Can you tell that pushing paper for years had slightly jaded me?) I started working with Kids inc that summer and I keep coming back; working at Kids inc every summer professionally develops me into better teacher. I’ve learned to work with children who have various needs and abilities, and I’ve been working with others who share my values and are committed to providing children with a meaningful and secure environment to have fun during the summer break. Knowing how children behave outside of the classroom has given me a better understanding of how to manage behaviour and relate to younger people. The common perception among most university students is that being a camp counselor is a High School student’s job. I look at it differently: working with Kids inc over the years has given me the chance to learn from and to teach other counsellors. Kids inc is a place that encourages the development of everyone involved, and I’m proud to say I’ve been a part of it. This job has been some of the best professional development that a teacher or teacher candidate could ever ask for. I encourage you to consider coming to the interviews and seeing the type of team we’ve got; I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! If you have any questions about my own experience as a teacher candidate, young teacher or employee at Kids inc please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at ryan.d.perera@gmail.com. Kids Inc is happy to have Ryan back for visits almost every summer! Ryan is a true Kids Inc Alumni who loves to come back time and time again. Can’t wait to see you again this summer Ryan 😉
Working at Kids Inc was about high energy, outdoor fun that develops team work, organization and leadership. I have never had a job that was as fun as Kids Inc! Mary-Kay and Jason are still my favorite employers to this very day! Mary Kay and Jason choose and hire only the best people to work as their councilors, it makes for the ultimate experience for the campers and a really fun team environment for the staff.

For me, working at Kids Inc. is like having a second family. It feels really good to wake up every day and go to work to have a hundred smiling faces there waiting for you. Over the past three years I’ve been with Kids Inc. I’ve held a great friendship with Mary-Kay and Jason while still maintaining a strong work relationship. They’ve managed to find the perfect balance between creating a fun and exciting camp atmosphere that is controlled and well supervised. As a counselor you have so much freedom to have fun with campers but of course must know your limits as camp has to be a balance of safety and fun. The camp owners ability to find staff with complementary skills is probably the greatest attribute to Kids Inc. We are all picked out for specific strengths, and then throughout the summer we get paired with others that you can learn from or perhaps share some of your own knowledge with. Working with dozens of people around the same age who all share a similar love of children is simply heartwarming. Through experiences inside and outside of camp these people have become some of my best friends, and together we’ve shared memories that will never be forgotten. Of course, probably the most rewarding part of this job is being with the campers. As a counselor there is no doubt that these campers will look up to you for guidance and leadership, you hold the responsibility of influencing these young children for the rest of their lives! You get to watch them grow up and mature, you might share some of their first time experiences and whether you realize it or not you will teach them life lessons they will never forget. Kids Inc. isn’t like any other 9-5 job out there, the choices you make each day help shape the lives of all those around you. Take advantage of this, and you’re guaranteed to have fun! Kids Inc Camp is happy to subcontract Jason for many projects including video production, photos, and for help with our online presence on Facebook, Flicker and YouTube!

Working at Kids Inc camp was one of the best things I have done so far in my life! It is not only a job, but it is also a great place where you meet life long friends, learn many life lessons, and change and shape children’s lives. It is so rewarding to go home at the end of the day and know that you affected someone’s life in a small or large way. The environment at camp is safe and secure, but fun and free. Campers have more of a choice of what they want to do at Kids Inc and have the ability to make their own decisions to an extent. We tell the little junior campers that there is a shield, a blanket, around Kids Inc that keeps us safe from any form of danger. Really, it is the love and dedication to the camp from the staff and Mary-Kay and Jason. We are a family here at Kids Inc and are gladly to invite new people into that family! Mary-Kay, Jason and the Management Team are always around if there is ever a problem or you just need someone to talk to. The owners are always around monitoring and making sure everything is running smoothly in their camp. They are very involved in the day-to-day running of Kids Inc. Working at Kids Inc is like no other camp!! It is the best place to work!!