​What is NEW at Kids Inc Camp 2019...?

Mar 27, 2019

Happy Campers from all over have been asking us what is new this year at Kids Inc Camp and we are almost ready to launch a new program that we can't wait to tell you all about! We also have some small changes at Kids Inc to announce....so here goes;

#1 - Junior General Camp

We have changed the name of our Mini Camp Program to Junior General Camp. We have also changed the program slightly to reflect a larger change in the program that we started to make last year. The age range for Junior General Camp has changed and now we only register campers for this program who are entering SK or Grade 1 in September of the school year following the summer in question. This eliminates campers from this program who have never attended full day school in the past by way of JK. We have found this change to be a wonderful change for our camp and we are so excited for the changes in the program that this allows for. Junior General Camp is more active and adventurous than it has ever been. Our campers in our Junior General Camp are able to really dig into being at camp and feeling all of the fun and freedom that go along with this - while still getting the benefit of the smaller ratio of care that we provide in this program. This program is the perfect balance for campers at this age. We want to help our campers prepare for the future when they will be in General Camp with our older campers. Junior General Camp is the perfect way to show campers the ropes and get them super pumped and excited for what comes next. We are very enthusiastic about the benefits of this change!

#2 - Full Week Catered Lunch

Our Full Week Catered Lunch has changed slightly. This year there are 2 rotating menu's and we offer this service to Junior General Campers, General Campers, and LIT Campers! Check out the Lunch Program page for information about the menu's we offer and please remember that we do not have any ability to accommodate special diets or restrictions.


On April 1, 2019 we will be launching registration for a brand new camp program for campers entering grades 6 through 9 in the September following the camp season in question. This camp program is called WELLNESS CAMP. Wellness Camp will offer activities like; advanced crafts, yoga, journaling, mindfulness, swimming, camp fire, beach time, stand up paddleboarding, fitness, archery, drama, team building, trust building activities, team work based activities, off site trips, and more! Stay tuned for more info about WELLNESS CAMP coming soon

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