Well you know what they say - location - location - location! You have done it Kids Inc. My kids LOVE your new facility in Erin and they say it is well worth the bus ride to get there each day. They love the pool, the pond, the archery range, the forest, and of course - the snack shack! Thank you once again for an amazing summer. We will see you next year.
My son has loved all 3 of his weeks with you this summer. We will be back for more fun next summer. Thank you again!
I just wanted to say how impressed I have been with the communication and attention to detail that I notice each and every day at Kids Inc Camp! Your staff members are always on top of their communication with parents and every parent I know who has a child at Kids Inc is very impressed with the communication and of course with the camp as a whole!
I was very nervous to send my children to an outdoor summer day camp. I talked to Mary-Kay at the camp office who was quick to tell me all of the facts about Kids Inc Camp and how they work very hard to set themselves and their campers up for success. She warned me about the potential for separation anxiety just in case this were to happen. Well - it did on day 1. My campers were nervous too. The staff team at Kids Inc were just amazing and helped my kids (and me - lol) to make it through the first week with less and less problems each day. I am so glad that we stuck with it! My kids LOVE the program, the staff, and camp now. I am so proud of them (and me - lol) and we are ready for JK and Grade 1 this year. Working on the anxiety this summer has taken the stress out of back to school . Thank you so very much.
As always, my kids are having an awesome time at camp! I wanted to tell you that I have spoken with quite a few parents who I know in our neighborhood - and your camp has quite a reputation as the best camp in the area! I spoke with some friends last night who had heard SO much about Kids Inc and how everyone has such a blast. You guys are doing a great job, word is getting around, believe me! We have had a great time this summer and we will be back next year too!
My two children had a great time last year at Kids Inc. Coming from a family of two working parents it is hard to juggle summer work schedules and keep children active and happy for two months. Each and every day, my kids looked forward to going to camp and always had positive feedback at the end of the day. We have been to different camps but they are telling me that this one is the best so far! I highly recommend this camp to all parents and am looking forward to sending my two children again next year.
Ryan loves being at camp with you guys plus he has made so many friends while at Kids Inc. The friendly staff and peace of mind that he’s looked after and guided day in and day out is fabulous! Thanks.
What can I say! Thanks for another great year of camp! My kids had a wonderful time again! I don’t know how many people I have recommended this camp to but, I do know that everyone who has sent their children has been truly satisfied with the affordable and outstanding service that you provide. My kids are looking forward to coming back for another year this summer. See you then!
We will be back for more fun this year! Our youngest child just turned 5 this year and will also be coming for Junior Camp (Mini Camp). So you will be getting nine kids from our family (siblings, and cousins!), and I will be sure to try and get as many of our friends to put their kids in as well. You and Jason and all of the camp counselors are all so wonderful, and this has become a tradition for our family, and will give our kids great memories for the future.
I just wanted to send you my best and recommend your program to any parent who is looking for an active, spacious,and outdoor camp for their children. My daughter Frances really enjoyed your program and we will look forward to signing up again next summer!
As a parent with 4 young kids I am always searching for fun activities and camps to keep them busy and active throughout the summer. Last year my kids attended Kids Inc. and had a FANTASTIC time. I was so impressed with the energy and enthusiasm of all the staff. Mary-Kay and Jason know how to run a camp smoothly in all situations. Even on the rainiest of days my kids came home having the best time. I figured the staff must be doing something right if they could keep that many kids happy and entertained all day in the rain. My youngest child attended the Junior Camp (Mini Camp) and also had a lot of fun. The counselors certainly keep them busy and entertained. Mary-Kay always took the time to alleviate any concerns I had about leaving my then 5 year-old to attend an all day camp. At the end of the day my daughter always had a smile on her face and was excited to return the next day.
Thank you - my girls have ad an awesome week! We will be back.
My daughter was just there for the last 3 weeks, just wanted to let you all know that she had a fabulous time and will definitely be there next year. Also I personally wanted to THANK all Kids Inc staff no matter what your job at camp is - and - all the bus drivers ( we tend to forget they are the ones that get our kids here and there safely) for everything you do. From camper care who got to know Kylie the first week she was there to all the registration and admin staff for their prompt and detailed email responses to lifeguards, snack shop attendees to ALL of YOU who have made the kids have a wonderful time and especially for your patience. Your camp and staff are very much appreciated and you should be very proud of yourselves , job well done Mary-Kay. Thank you and see ya next year.
I just wanted to reiterate how much fun my boys had this summer with you guys, it may have only been two weeks, but those two weeks have left a lasting impression on my boys! Thanks again for such a great program and for hiring such great staff who the kids can not stop talking about!
Thank you for the amazing day camp Kids Inc! I have always wanted my kids to love the outdoors as much as I do - but - they have been hesitant to jump in. I thought we would test out the your camp this summer and see if we could make magic happen. Well - all I can say is - you did it! Thank you. They loved it. Now we all feel great doing outdoor activities together! Canoeing, hiking, SUP-ing, and playing in the forest at the cottage! I will be sending them for more day camp next summer....we are going to try Tree Top Trekking too!
A huge thank you for our kids’ favorite week of the summer! (Mom’s too) Our kids just returned from their last day of Kids Inc Camp for the summer. Every evening the dinner table was filled with exciting stories from their day! I have told every person I know with kids about your camp! Your organization is phenomenal! From the welcoming staff, well organized entry and fun filled days for the kids. The boys really enjoyed that they decided what their day would consist of. Amazing!!
My daughter was worried that there would not be many other 11 and 12 year old girls for her to be with at any camp program that I suggested to her. She was so happy once she got to Kids Inc and saw how many other girls and boys who were at Kids Inc and were 10, 11, and 12 years old. She made so many friends! Thank you for creating a camp for all ages! Even the older children are sure to love Kids Inc Camp! She will be back for 1 more year as a General Camper and then she can not wait to be an LIT! Thanks Again,
Your website is very informative, I have never seen a program laid out so clearly before. The camp offers tons of activities at an incredible price. Have a great summer and thank you for making this camp possible.
My daughter attended your Junior Camp (Mini Camp) this summer for three weeks. It was the best run program that I have ever seen! She was totally engaged and enjoyed every day. We had registered her at camp elsewhere to help break-up the summer for her. She never wanted to go there, she only wanted to go to Kids Inc! I wanted to commend you on the programs, and the staff. She had a fantastic time and I wouldn’t hesitate to register her again and I will definitely recommend Kids Inc. to our friends. Keep up the good work! See you next year!!
Jason and Family!
My brother and sister had so much fun at your camp during the summer this year! You’ll be happy to know that when my Mom asked them what camps they wanted to go to this summer they said they only wanted to go to Kids Inc! Our family will look forward to seeing you again next summer! All the best!
Thank you very much for setting up such a lovely camp! My daughter has enjoyed her time at Kids Inc and she said that all of the kids at camp, and the staff are very nice. She has been talking and talking about her time at Kids Inc and we will return again next year.Hope to see you then,
Thank you so much for such a great summer. My son had a fantastic time and made loads of friends. Your staff are amazing. He is already looking forward to next summer and so is little brother! Junior Camp (Mini Camp) here we come ;) Best Regards.