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Early Bird Discount

July 15, 2018

Kids Inc. Camp is wishing all of you a wonderful January and hope that you are enjoying the extended ability to take advantage of our Early Bird Discounts! We have seen so many of you getting registered earlier than ever and we can only hope that it is due to the convenience and savings we are able to provide with our Early Bird Discount

In order to make sure that you are not disappointed please be sure if you have not yet gotten registered to do so prior to January 31st. If you are even one minute past midnight on February 1st the discount will not be there for you. The system is automated to switch off of this limited time offer…..so be sure not to delay.

What are the benefits of registering early you might ask…?

Well here are the top 3 reasons to get registered as early as you can:

#1 – You make sure that you get the bus that you want/need to make your registration the best that it can be! Buses fill even before full weeks of camp fill so it can be tricky to get the exact bus that you need. Early registration eliminates this concern.

#2 – You make sure that you are able to get into each and every week that you need.

#3 – You get first pick at our trips and options. These items sell out quickly!

If you do have any questions or concerns prior to getting registered please email us at registration@kidsinc.ca and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

We can’t wait to help you get started with your registration today!!!!

On your mark – get set – GO… Here is the link: https://kidsinc.campbrainregistration.com/

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