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​Keep that campy feeling all year long with your Kids Inc Camp SWAG.

May 27, 2018

One of my favorite parts of camp as a kid was visiting the “Tuck Shop” for a prized camp item that I would wear all day and all night every day if I were allowed! Anything to make that campy feeling last all year long. Our Kids Inc Swag can bring this feeling home to you too! Check out our online store today and pre-order your camp SWAG right away. We can either ship it to you for an additional charge OR your camper can pick it up at camp. Later this spring we will be opening our brand new online store with more new and exciting items to choose from.

The items that we currently have are as follows:

1) Drawstring Kids Inc. Bags: Red, Orange, Green, and Purple

2) Kids Inc. Toque,

3) Kids Inc. Buff,

4) Kids Inc. Stickers & Badges,

5) Kids Inc. Track Pants

6) Kids Inc. LIT T-Shirts.

Our track pants are only for our more senior campers… as they are adult sizes and LIT T-Shirts are for our LIT campers. Other than those items, the rest can be ordered by anyone!

Once our new store is opened, we will send an email to keep you updated and we will remove the old version of the online store from the website. Stay tuned for these changes.

Also, remember that your General and LIT campers can bring cash to camp and purchase items on the spot at the good old Snack Shack! Mini Camp families are asked to hand an envelope with cash in it to our bus counsellors for the best result. Please write the full name of your Mini Camper on the envelope and let us know in writing on the envelope what item/s you would like to purchase. You are also welcome to email us at registration@kidsinc.ca to ensure a smooth purchase of the items you are interested in.

Camp memories last a lifetime and photos, and memorabilia are also fun to have to keep the memories alive!

Here is a link to our current online store: https://kidsinccamp.ca/store

Happy Spring Everyone!

Mary-Kay and the Kids Inc Team

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