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2018 Day Camp Dates & Rates

November 14, 2017

Wow – time just flies! It seems like a moment ago we were enjoying the 2017 camp season and now here we are getting ready for a whole new summer of fun in 2018!

We are super excited to see all of you again for another great summer of fun, and we can’t wait to tell you all about what we have lined up for 2018.

Of course you can count on us to bring you your old favorites like Theme Days, Camp Fire, and Picnic Lunch – but of course, there are some changes to tell you about too.

We will be doing Blog Posts and Emails to you all year long to keep you in the loop so please do stay tuned!

Today’s post is all about getting us all ready for the summer of 2018 with some necessary information about the dates for this coming season and the camp fee structure. We also want to tell you about some changes we have made to our Early Bird Rate that might just get you registered sooner than ever this year so please do read on if you would like to know more about the Early Bird Rate!

For 2018 dates and rates, please click this link to the”Dates and Rates” page of our website: https://kidsinccamp.ca/camp-2018/dates-rates

We understand that it can be tricky to plan for the summer so far in advance… but we have a solution for that – so please do read on to learn all that you can about booking early!

This year our Early Bird Discount CAN be used in conjunction with our Payment Plan! In previous years it has only been available to people who paid in full upon registration – but this year it includes people who wish to book using our Payment Plan. It is crucial that you follow exact instructions for your payment plan or you may risk losing the discount. When you choose payment plan you must follow the instructions listed in our handbook, on our registration page and information below for your convenience:

Payment Plan: A payment plan option is available only if you register before April 15th. Payments for the balance of your payment plan will be made using post-dated cheques. Please calculate the total amount remaining to be paid from your account and then divide that balance owing into two equal payments. Please create two post-dated cheques dated for May 1st and June 1st and made payable to Kids Inc. Please mail these post-dated cheques into our office within five days of making your booking with us online. Mail them to PO Box 129 Hillsburgh ON N0B 1Z0. Failure to mail the post-dated cheques will leave your registration vulnerable to cancellation (and/or – you may lose your early bird discount if you have booked during the time frame to qualify for that) Your registration is considered not complete until the post-dated cheques are in our office. Thank you.

We hope that this change to our Early Bird Discount along with the longer time frame that it is valid ( until February 1st!) will make it possible for you to jump in and take advantage of the savings!

Our Bus Schedule is still being confirmed for the 2018 season so please note that some minor changes may happen on the bus schedule between now and December 1st. We are also working on our Parents Handbook and other Forms and Documents for the summer of 2018, so lots are happening here at Kids Inc Headquarters during the month of November!

Stay tuned to Facebook, Email, and our Blog for lots of helpful information and some fun camp memories to keep us all dreaming of the warm and exciting days ahead here at Kids Inc. during the next exciting season we have in store for you!

For now, we wish you all the best as we all transition into the cool and crisp days of November. Feel free to email us with any questions you might have as you begin to plan for the exciting summer of 2018.

The countdown in on!


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