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Back to School

August 31, 2017

Transitional times in the year can present us and our children/campers/students with plenty of challenges. There is an underlying anxiety to every change we go though during the year and it is fair to say that back to school is a big one!

New classroom, new classmates, new teacher, potentially new school, and of course if the child we are talking about does not have an easy relationship with school….just going back can bring up plenty of feelings.

Talking to the children in our lives can really help them even if the conversations are short and simple. Here are some tips that might be able to break the ice and open the door to some good discussion about back to school and the feelings that come with that time of year:


Turn off all devices, have a seat and simply ask them how they are feeling about going back to school. They might say “fine” and just try to move on to the next topic but try to encourage them to open up by asking questions.


Read them a book about “Back to School” and talk about it. Obviously this can be age specific – but very helpful if your childlren are in the right age bracket to benefit from this. Here is a link to some books on the topic: https://www.goodreads.com/shelf/show/back-to-school


If you have more than one child in your family try to have this conversation with them one at a time. This was they will not feel influenced or discouraged from talking due to any comparison with their sibling and their siblings relationship with the back to school season.


Try to talk to them about this on a number of occasions. This way they are at least hearing the conversation being opened more than once. If they were too shy to talk about their feelings the first time they may do so once you have tried and tried again.


Another conversation opener can be a movie about “Back to School”. Movies can be helpful for kids who are beyond reading a bed time story – but can really benefit from a story about feelings that they can relate to. This may help them to name the feelings that they are having too. This is not the best thing to spring on your child the weekend prior to the start of the school year – but – rather this can be helpful as we move into August to help them to start to consider what will be happening soon as the school year approaches. Here is a link to some movie suggestions on the topic: https://www.babble.com/kid/the-18-best-back-to-school-movies-for-kids/

No matter how you slice it…..this time of year is filled with lots of feelings, and changes. We hope that it can also be a time for you and your childlren to have plenty of communication that can help in making the transition a smooth one.

All the best to you and yours for a wonderful and safe back to school season!

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