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A Year in the Life at Camp

August 15, 2017

As we move into the end of August we begin to look forward to School and reflect back over the great summer we have had together here at camp. We hope that all of our camp families have had a great summer and wish every single camper all the best for an amazing school year. Although camp has not even ended we thought that this might be a good time to tell you a little more about a year in the life of Kids Inc. Camp so that you can plan for registration for the summer of 2018! So here goes:

#1 – September – Once we hit September the majority of our staff team will return to work/school. Did you know that Kids Inc. Camp employs teachers who work with the Peel, Halton, and Upper Grand District School Boards? We also employ over 40 students each and every summer. We are so proud of the great work that they do and wish them all the best for a successful year. Their return to work and school means that the Kids Inc. office has a small staff for the post camp season. We will do our very best to get back to you as quickly as we can. The office will be closed for one week just after camp ends for a little break.

#2 – October/November – This is the time of year that we are focused on planning for 2018. We will be in the camp office but not every day – so – please email for the best results if you need to contact us. Dates, prices, and info for 2018 should be posted by the end of November.

#3 – December – Early Bird Registration starts NOW! If you are willing to pay in full for the 2018 season you can take advantage of our Early Bird Rates. Rates for this discount (and all 2018 rates) will be posted by the end of November at the latest. We also start to take resumes for 2018 employment at this time of year. For info about employment please have the interested candidate check out our web site and apply directly:

#4 – January to April – Regular Registration begins on January 1st 2018 and we will continue to take registrations online until we fill. We find that by March we are beginning to get full so please be sure to register as soon as you can! We have a Value Bundle Discount available from January 1st to April 1st for camp families who are registering for multiple weeks. We also have a payment plan that you can use if you register at this time of the year. To find out if you qualify for the discount and/or payment plan please read more about this info once our 2018 info is launched by the end of November. We also finish taking resumes on March 15th…..so remind your interested candidates to get active with their application well before this time.

#5 – April to June – At this time of year we are wrapping up our registration process and contacting families to review files if you camper has medication or notes that we need to follow up on. There may still be some space available at this time of year – but – we do not recommend waiting this long to register for the best results. Staff Training begins in Mid-June and office hours are decreased at this time of year – so please contact us prior to June 15th for all communication with our office with regards to your registration. From June 15th to the start of the summer we will reply to your emails as quickly as we can….however – staff training is our priority.

Then it’s…….SUMMER CAMP 2018 and we will be at it again for another year of FUN!!!!!

Knowing how our timeline works may serve to help you to get your registration done more effectively J We here at Kids Inc. are very excited to see everyone again for 2018 and hope that the rest of this summer and your back to school season are fabulous!!!!!

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